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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

220 My Papa Never Said

There's things I never learnt to say or see but papa, I am grateful for all that I got from Thee.

Rhyme Scheme: Consecutive

220 My papa never said, 23 May + 11 Jun 2020, for Dad

I heard Paul Anka the other day and broke down
When he said "Son, I'm proud of how you've grown"
There's many things my father never said to me
What he thought I'll never know now, you see

He's gone away and won't be coming back this way
It's terrible the distance that makes us stay away
And keeps us from sharing a warm cozy moment
Why war with loved ones, find better ways to vent

There's things I never learnt to say or see
But papa, I'm grateful for all I got from thee
Tender and graceful you were amidst all your toil
Strong are my roots, buried deep in your soil

You never said that you were proud of me
Just as I never learnt to hug you tenderly
Blessed I was to have you in my life awhile
My turn to brighten others with your smile

I'll miss you the rest of my days here on Earth
Your love floods my being, warm as a fiery hearth
Many a life you did touch in your own special way
To live life as you did, ah that will be the day!


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