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My first 250 poems are all about various themes that have touched me.

240 Redford

A medley written for Robert Redford telling his story from the point of view of his movie titles and characters

Rhyme Scheme: Partly Consecutive

240 Redford - 21 Aug 2020

You've stood up to tyrrany, O King of The Last Castle
You've had us go fishing away from the noise and bustle
You've seemed Indecent for a man of power but softened
As a Candidate you beg for change for the Environment

You've always told stories that move, been a Weatherman
You've helped a broken down golfer, his swing regain
When you Whispered healing to a Horse I broke down
A'm thrilled to know that The Redford Center you own

You've been a Natural, looked sexy wearing Sneakers
For Environment you stand apart from other speakers
I don't remember much of your being a Legal Eagle
In a River Runs Through It, you dared us to inviegle

The secrets of life, peaceful as a man on a Mountain
I remember writing you a poem, Jeremiah! When
Shall we truly be mindful of the Company We Keep?
It's An Unfinished Life so wrest with it and not weep

You've begged us not to be like Ordinary People
Rather to Dance in the Sun, like Kids enjoying treacle
I cried when you died trying to get Out of Africa
Now help build a feature where happy we are

Happy Birthday Robert Redford. Give my love to Jamie and the rest of the family!

Imran Ali Namazi


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Written as a friend and I set out to build a company and "let's boldly set out to see just what it is we can do, to leave this world better, like a whiff of mountain dew"


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Ramesh Jagtiani - A moving poem written when a friend's father passed away - a caring gentleman who was a source of delight to his friends and community