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One World

28 Feeling For Others →

Short appeal to people not to be indifferent to each other's pain.

23 Good Enough →

A plea to everyone strive to be deemed good enough

16 Unspoken →

Planned selection of prayers and my own "Harmony" prayer - unspoken at Hussain Day, Bangalore

14 Quality →

A plea not to judge other on religious grounds, but to let a true spirit of harmony reign

12 Let There Be Love →

Random trip on love and caring for our fellow human.

5 Musings →

Musings Interrupted (thoughts on the way to Pondicherry in 2013 - spiritual pilgrimage)

9 A New Age →

Random jottings on a New Age and the thoughts it inspires

6 Charter →

Fictionalized Furure (The YM Charter)