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Human Race, 8 Aug 2015
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12 Let There Be Love

Random trip on love and caring for our fellow human.

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Let there be love, Shasa, 8 Aug 2015

Man is a creature built for love, to love. Remember that in life you are free to express the Diversity in any way you choose. May yours be an expression of Cosmic Love in its highest form.

We may not produce people to surpass the love our Bright Ones bore us, but atleast half our populace is thankfully women who by their selfless and stellar example pave the way for us to find and follow our own sense of highest right. ^1

Precious few are we men who appreciate, reciprocate and enliven it.

Remember that when a door is shut to us, somewhere a window opens. The trick is in learning not to lose that Divine Spark, nor to shirk at the labour of rekindling it.

Would ye measure the distance between the stars and forget He that holds them in the palm of His hand? ^2

Endless are the bounties of life and in each of us is the power to shape our destinies, and to influence those of the loved ones that surround us.

That the powerful play goes on and that ye may contribute a verse. ^3

Seek the Lord when in trouble, Seek the Lord midst your care,
Seek the Lord when you are happy, Seek him everywhere.
When you wake at break of day, Just lift your heart and to Him say
"I don't know what this day will bring, But Lord, I offer you everything." ^4

As someone rightly put it, God has to be a man, a woman could never have messed up things this bad! ^5

Or a Universal Intelligence. A divine purpose to life (as Einstein sought to find). Founded on all the principles of truth that countless men and women have fought and died for.

Life is to blame for keeping hidden from us the joys to unburden our sorrows and to warm our hearts. But also our fault for yielding at the slightest pressure and not persevering in our attempts to find purpose, sustenance and unbridled love.

Remember, the beauty in life is in knowing that there is beauty in it in every moment. All we have to do is know that life is beautiful and voila it is. ^6

Remember that for every scoundrel, there is a hero. ^7

All we have to do is open our eyes, look around us and learn to accept the good. ^8

There is an endless stream of Lightworkers ^9 and Bright Ones ^10 to draw inspiration from.

We only have to keep on the path of good and be ready to follow the calling in our hearts when the time comes and we are ready to step out of the gloom into the sunlit path ^11

1 Richard Bach - Curious Lives
2 Frederic March in Inherit the Wind (1960)
3 Walt Whitman in the poem O Me! O Life! (being quoted in the 1989 movie Dead Poets Society by Robin Williams)
4 Hymn/Prayer we learnt in school (
5 Not that things are messed up, I have a very positive view of life. This also isn't the Kali Yuga as most Hindus mistakenly believe. It is incumbent upon us to uphold Dharma in every Age.
- Just give man time. Technology (and the British) have brought him together for the first time in history and there's bound to be some jousting as he learns to toe the line.
- "The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly" - Richard Bach - Illusions
6 from poem Amore by Shasa
7 Letter From A Parent To A Teacher by Abraham Lincoln
8 From the movie Things we lost in the fire
9 Term introduced by Patricia Cori in her book the Cosmos of Soul
10 Term introduced by Shasa in Dear Brother
11 The Sunlit Path - a book by The Mother of Pondicherry

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Partners, 31 Jul 2015
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At a cousins wedding - a reading out of Gratitude mixed with a few other thoughts and quotes.


Self, 22 Aug 2015
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Fictionalized Romance where it takes a couple a whole year of bonding before igniting the sexual spark.

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