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In this, my older prose, you will see the passion with which I write and the articles that formed the basis of Imagine and my Poetry

9 A New Age

Random jottings on a New Age and the thoughts it inspires

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A New Age - Imran, 5th June 2017

Why are we so stubbornly insensitive to other's pain? We Say "Oh God, thats terrible", but fail to lend a comforting hand or make a prayer.

Soon we forget the incident, even though for a moment we had the chance of genuinely touching another life. Ah life, that old sparring partner of ours - always ready with a hook or an uppercut. Our Lord forgotten until we see hardship again.

You gotta roll with the punches, never forgetting to live in the moment. Reflection is good, but best when interspersed with activity.

What better thing to reflect on than God? Our support and refuge in suffering. But can he also be our refuge in ecstasy and joy? Enraptured by the love with which he engulfs us. Sensitive to his every movement and gesture. Not breaking his trust nor faith in us.

We worry more about material hardships when there are people fighting for their very lives, and others left in bereavement at the ones that lost.

How do you grieve at someone's passing, knowing full well that the soul is immortal? And that they are lovingly ensconced in God's lap, either spending time in a world of their construction, or back on Earth, learning to walk again. We can sense the ups and downs of loved ones from other lifetimes, always connected by that inner sensory perception and intuition.

When you abide in that Cosmic love, there is no grief, there is no pain, but there is sensitivity to the grief and pain of others. Indifference is a mental wall to blot out the pain, but the heart knows and cares. The heart reaches out at the agony of others and can always bolster their affirmation of life.

"Father, into your hands I commend my spirit." Please don't leave me alone to suffer the anguish of a world on the point of evolving into something better. Thy kingdom is nigh. Love will always keep us alive.

We can sense this new age of interconnectedness. It's there in the numerous people we interact with, keeping their interests paramount. That Divine spark (Tolkien's Flame Imperishable) will see the light of day, buried presently under the debris of a century long war with ignorance and the Asuric forces that almost engulfed us.

But peoples like the Cathars were always there, torchbearers, upholding the Truth and Glory. They were there in every land, in every clime, struggling to keep love alive. And now that we are back to miraculous times, our numbers have swelled - everyone in search of happiness; the ultimate source of happiness is the love and joy we share with one another.

Do pray for the world's release from ignorance and suffering, barbarism and bloodshed, power games and lust after wealth, poor health and weakened minds, impure thoughts and selfish deeds. Do more than just pray - strengthen yourself and then act. Always come from an inner direction of concern and love.

Pray for the power to follow our dreams, the Grace to realize those aspirations, the chance to fight in the revolution - the last revolution - the riddance of all the negative from that harmonious integrated whole that will become, must become the fabric of tomorrow.