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In this, my older prose, you will see the passion with which I write and the articles that formed the basis of Imagine and my Poetry

10 God et Alii

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Imran, 4th August 2017

Q) Does God exist?

I like how Monty says it, God comes from a direction. an inner dimension. your soul is in contact with your humanity, that Divine source if you will. there are 3 things. god is the creator (allah, yahwe, brahman). then there are divine aspects and individualizations such as sattwa, rajas and tamas - the hindu trinity. then there are devas who come from heaven or the spirit world.

god is not saddened nor suffers any loss when you don't believe in him. he knows that one day you will rediscover him. its all his play or lila.

I belong to the old school where god is male - purusha or witness and creation or nature female - prakriti. sivam and shakti

Q) What is God?

god is experienced in fractions every day. he is unalloyed freedom and love. he is existence consciousness bliss. he is the perfection that we all strive for, the realization we seek. the source to which we are journeying. the one who holds the stars in the palm of his hands. the atheist or skeptic only dislikes the dogma and negative connotations attached to the word god. we all believe in a higher ideal to which man aspires. god is there in all that everyone does. the deva and the asura. god is a vibration state that we will all achieve. the journey of awakening has only just begun and we are still largely tamasic

Q) Is there any meaning in prayer?

your attitude in life determines your altitude. thou art the author of thy destiny. the only reason our dreams dont manifest sooner is because of the number of conflicting thoughts we have. we magnetize into our life people circumstances and events when we pour in our inner voltage. this takes the form of affirmations which slowly reprogrammes our sub consciousness. prayer usually combines the best of affirmations with faith. the sounds and ideas associated with prayer form a powerful tool to change our belief systems and bring about a powerful vibration in the seat of our consciousness where magic can happen. for the bhakta, prayer brings him closer to god. for the astute businessman prayer is the spelling out of his ambitions and the means of fixing these goals in the core of his being

Q) What is our purpose in life?

the evolutionary aim of our lives... the relentless pursuit of truth. a coming to terms with all the various experiences. there are 4 aspects to our lives viz the personal, professional, social and spiritual. for each aspect there is a progression with joys and sorrows. they say the soul chooses its birth and based on its desired learnings and areas of interest it will have a different admixture of these aspects. by spiritual is not a running away from reality but a synergizing or integration of the other 3. a man can become intimately conversant with his inner being or godhead and can do this by following the threefold path of works knowledge and devotion so wonderfully laid out in the gita. our object in life should be not in attaining any set goal but to live each moment to the full and engaging in nishkama karma - action without thought for reward

Q) Is there any meaning in astrology? Is it a science or just a fraud perpetuated by charlatans?

there is mediocrity and fraud in all walks of life. astrology is based on science but since it involves faith is is easily twisted in the hands of unscrupulous people. its not just a science but also an art. also it is the job of the practitioner to bolster the courage of the person undergoing hardship so they are prone to keep saying that good times are around the corner. its easy for a person to turn defeatist when this happens and cling for support which is one of the reasons id rather not know


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