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In this, my older prose, you will see the passion with which I write and the articles that formed the basis of Imagine and my Poetry

6 Charter

Fictionalized Furure (The YM Charter)

Rhyme Scheme: Essay

The YieldMore Charter, or Rediscovering the Flame Imperishable^1 (D318-D366), Shasa Ferret - 14 Aug 2015

youtube: awl9y21c4tE&index=2&list=PLsuI89eMBnMEURG757yRUSVSxd5S96nIx|Rediscovering the Flame Imperishable

With the resurgence of Avedoi Merek's book, and Monty Ferret's second book, The Way from Within, Alla^2 Ferret felt suddenly inspired to share with humans, the essence of Ferret Civilization. She remembered what had happened to the courtesies, how the humans had, out of reverence, written it on tablets and buried it safely in the depths of the sea. Kinnie, in a vision, told her that the time was coming where a great labour would be ahead of her, but it was alright to begin to sow the seeds.


On Aug 15th 2018, or D318 by Yuki Reckoning, Ulmo, Lord of the waters, bore up the tablets out from the depths of The Abyss. At hand was Alla, on Bethany's boat, and Shasa Ferret on Nemo's Nautilus. Alla and Shasa were entrusted with the mission of reinstating the old way of life among the humans. They had the love and support of countless lightworkers of both civilizations to build upon. The last four years of madness had seen the humans pushed to the brink of total annhilation, but the seeds of all the Bright Ones and the thousand loving movements had all borne fruit.

Upon every humans heart was writ the words - make fuck, not kill, that highest message by the one who had hoped the hardest, and fought the longest. They all got together from 6pm to midnight in stadiums and rock arenas and churches all over the world and sang songs like Imagine and Goodbye Cruel World.

A generation of torch bearers had sprung up all over the world as the product of the most liberated minds of the flower power generation. They had all managed to live clean, inspiring lives, by choosing carefully, the company they kept and the worlds they peopled. As destiny would have it, these children of the Seventies and Eighties were all born exactly a century after the plethora of original Bright Ones that strove so hard to liberate the world.

D300 (2000) had seen the complete penetration of the internet into everyday living. Expressions of spontaneous love had been triggered all over the world and the internet had brought man together and propelled him the hardest, into his divine destiny.

A new theme of Iluvatar's design had begun. Melkor's discord had been forcibly removed, and the next demi-century begun.

Alla and Shasa's task was relatively easy, they simply had to rout the avidya (darkness / inconscience) from the minds of the people, but the war had been won, and people spontaneously were able to heal themselves and establish the Life Divine by plugging themselves into the Secret Universal Mind, a pooling of liberating information called

^1 The Flame Imperishable - From Tolkiens Ainulindale, but refers to the 50 year movement that will be and Shasa's life mission.
^2 Alla from Richard Bach's Curious Lives, but also in tribute to Allah of the muslims, and the part where Don Henley's Oh Lord sounds like Alla.


5 Reconciling Quality →

Thoughts on Quality in Religion - rtying to integrate the static (dogman) from the dynamic (individual)


7 Harmony →

The author appeals to God to give man the understanding that all paths lead to him. Let man embrace his brethren, accepting his limitations as he has his, and walk together towards a world filled with love and peace with the understanding that all paths lead to the one same God.