Daivic :: We are the World, We Are it's Children

A new (in 2021) series of essays by Imran

On Spiritual Healing

When going in for Spiritual Troubleshooting, keep an open mind, record everything, make a joint Sankalpa and ask the universal force or Shalkti to guide you and protect you until the pains are gone and the healing and growth have reached their zenith.

Points for the Troubleshooter

1. Probe
2. Record
3. Sift
4. Rechannel the Energies
5. Ask for Grace
6. Plan the Immediate and Full Sequence

To consider for prescription

1. JAPA (Prayer Repetition) but most mindful
2. AFFIRMATION with precise, weight carrying words.
3. Explain the Intention and think of the possible challenges
4. Think of Swami Chinmayananda on [Obstacles](https://legacy.yieldmore.org/topics/obstacles/)
5. Plan for Escalations and Foreseeable Emergencies with their SOS artefacts / prescriptions
6. Suggestions on: Routine, Diet and develop habit in the care receiver to keep stockpiling and finding words to give relief and healing.
7. Meditative Physical Activity