Daivic :: We are the World, We Are it's Children

A new (in 2021) series of essays by Imran

For Bidisha

For Bidisha

Affirmations 3 (Jan 2022)

Dear Friend,

We are all beautiful humane beings. While the world may seem callous, it is actually giving us a chance to understand it's maladies and pains and help us bring it back to life with our love, gentle and strong.

So be strong my dear and know that these niggles only come as a blessing for they but serve to remind us of the adamantine we are built with and the poise and balance that we bring in our relentless pursuit of truth, peace and love.

It is but God who puts on the veil of ignorance in the cosmic play, who dances for our delight, who keeps us fit by sparring with us on all 8 dimensions and who helps us carry our hopes forward a generation.

Those children we are bringing up are indeed blessed and carry a smear of pain, once again, to give them the context or rasa of life, that they too in turn will infuse it with love in their own time.

"Tremble not, fear not, grieve not, for in your apparent body lies One who can create and extinguish worlds with a breath" sayeth the Isha Upanishad, so consider the equanimity that comes to those who are steadfast in their faith, remaining expressions of the cosmic love, and serve most ardently the Divine.

Go now and gather strength indomitable to yourself that thou may conquer the heights and unleash the forces of nature to work with you for the fruition of your cause.

Lovingly, Imran

Cherished Friend,

I spoke earlier of the toughness or adamantine in your character and the grace with which you run the course. We do not often find rare treasures such as you.

You were right about how friends ought to be - ready to give their all to each other and I just realized how much strength I have taken from you this past year. I wish I knew how to "give back" for I am but a hazy theorist and an impractical dreamer.

But, know this - there IS enough love in my heart to encompass many Earths and a sizable portion of that, I would give to you, to see you cured of the maladies that seem to trip and wreck you.

I ask you to join me in a quick prayer...

"Lord, I am but a vessel set on the seas of life by YOUR hands"

"Lord, I am a shining light, set aflame by the love you endowed me with"

"Lord, I cannot but succeed in the game of life for no matter the challenge, you have given me strength, resilience and determination"

"Lord, we are all beacons to one another, living daily from grace to grace."

"Lord, you give us trials and watch content as we overcome, full of praise to thyself."

I know there seems a wall of pain when you look to the past, but I also know the bubbly you that can laugh and enjoy a light hearted moment and who would heal magically only if she gave a little of herself - to herself.

I believe we can do much together as we must have in countless aeons past - as simply comrades and friends.

Health may seem in a fragile balance but I have recently found that the will to go on is powerful strong and that the body/mind complex heals quick when it applies itself to the task of "healing itself".

So heal dear friend, that you may know the sweetness of walking in a glade and holding the hands of your children and feel far from this madding planet that we all love so deeply.

I know it doesn't happen all at once, but remember that we are here to lift each other up, sometimes even carry the other across the rough patches when you forget to walk.

What we would all give to see you bounce back to joy again, you will have to ponder deep to know.

Most Lovingly, Imran 31 May 2022