Daivic :: We are the World, We Are it's Children

A new (in 2021) series of essays by Imran

For Senthil

For Senthil

I want to think and grow rich. Think in terms of what I want for myself and my loved ones, and convert those dreams into planned action, that I may become rich in all the ways possible.

Everyday, I boost myself more and overcome challenges I would never have dreamed off. I do this first and foremost by loving myself and giving things time to fall into place.

A subconsious fear that underlies everything seems to derail me, but I am gradually working to overcome it, accepting the butterflies in the stomach as adrenaline to help me face the [possible] difficulty. I understand that something from my past ^1 is presenting me with this problem as a thing to not only to heal from, but in time, to help others heal from it.

I know that this was a complete life structure, or blue print, created by my soul after my previous birth. All the incidents to be faced, all problems to be faced, all challenges to be overcome are only for my good, which will become evident when I develop more acceptance and trust / faith in the process of life.

Faith in the creator, faith in the plan, faith in the outcome, faith in my strength and faith in my loved ones for timely help.

An unnecessary pressure to hurry and worry about multiple things at the same time plagues me, but I'm learning to form new habits and with the power of affirmation, am able to release whatever impression from my past is causing this. This worry also prevents me from taking decisions and the whole process has become troublesome. This too shall pass as my journey continues and I am reminded how many people I can sympathize with who would benefit from my solution to these problems.

A new sense of relief and release welcomes me each day and I look forward to the next spell of "healing my body" ^2. I include meditation, guided meditation and Chakra Healing^3 practices to overcome the same, improve my feelings of inferiority, insecurity - but rather gain confidence, strenth, abundance^4 and balance.

I pray for all those who need help and grace along with myself for now I realize that I too know pain, just as they know pain. Like they "tis in giving to all, that we receive". So grace us lord with your loving embrace.

1 Jul 2022

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