Daivic :: We are the World, We Are it's Children

A new (in 2021) series of essays by Imran

For A Mother

Affirmations 1 (April 2020)

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I am as young and energetic as I need to be. Every day I accomplish a number of things, always staying positive and productive.

There are a number of things dependent on me and I'm always able to meet the need of the hour. I prioritize well and I dont stress myself unnecessarily.

When I feel low, I'm able to give in to the feeling, fully embracing it without suppression or being too overwhelmed. I bounce back fairly quickly because I am strong and resilient and have no quit in me.

I think often of my parents and the trials they must have endured. I love them unconditionally and hold nothing against them, whether a lost opportunity from my youth or a blank look of incomprehension at the struggles I go through.

I am supportive of my friends for I understand the value of timely emotional support when the world is being especially harsh. We share our ups and downs and are good to each other.

My work has me worried but I learn to let this impel me to focus and get hurdles out of the way so I can be streamlined and stress free as quickly as possible.

I am grateful for the romance in my life and to have a partner to augment and complement my energies.

I want to provide a solid foundation for my children, let them enjoy all the happiness that they deserve while maturing quickly and being sensitive to the people around them. I indulge their wants and help them explore and develop their skills, all the while preparing them emotionally for the grandeur that is life, with its rollercoaster of ups and downs.

I love myself and do not neglect my own welfare. I look after my body and soul, nourishing it with food, exercise, hobbies, healthy relationships and I enthusiastically take steps towards reaching my dreams with each passing week.

My needs are simple and I find myself always grateful for the grace of the divine. I have a daily ritual of prayer, showing my deepest gratitude for the bounties of life and the love of near and dear ones.

When I dont seem to be getting my way whether at work or with personal desires, I dont let this get to me. I instead instead divert my attention to other tasks or wishes, knowing that patience is an important virtue.

I treasure each new day with its gifts and challenges and I look forward to living a full and gratifying life.

On a good day, I make time for exercise, cooking, working, spending time with my children, partner, parents, friends and most importantly, a quiet moment to reflect on and appreciate the beauty of life.

I'm gonna make my life spectacular and not complain at the little niggles. I invite you to do the same.

Lovingly Yours,