Daivic :: We are the World, We Are it's Children

A new (in 2021) series of essays by Imran

2 Joyland Welcome

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Rhyme Scheme: Essay

Be sure of one thing, the world is becoming a better and more beautiful place as we evolve. The Jagat Kula (world family) is growing as we explore inner dimensions and discover the source of joy / peace / contentment / love. Yes, there is enough love around to make the world go not only round, but transform into a Heavenly Abode where Sat - Chit - Ananda (Existence - Consciousness - Bliss) manifests more spontaneously.

Take a silent moment to contemplate it and in an August Rush, you will feel the love and become one with the music. We urge you all to discover the deep pleasure of letting go [of your cares] and following the creative flow.

There will be (as there have been always) places on Earth that seem otherworldly. Where the ambience is pregnant with the promise of a moment and a dream fulfilled. Fulfilled with a moment's worth of distance run, for that the art, to live fully and consciously IN THE MOMENT.

Long ponder just who you want to be. Feel perplexed, baffled, dissuaded and despondent in your "trapped today" but then shake off the malady and come back to life, overcoming obstacles and gaining confidence - with ease.

Reach out and touch people, build relationships, be kind to yourself and the rest will follow. Learn acceptance and courage, finding serenity as you slowly step away from your past selves and radiate peace and goodwill.

Ours is a Joyful Earth, so go build a Joyland Center fill it with Divine and Desired Things. Remember, you've spent your whole life becoming who you are, ask yourself was the journey worth it.

Become a force for good in this World, we have after all, one life to live, one life to give and so much to share. There is hope to be found, just LOOK AROUND.

Go now, marry the inspiration with ACTION, for Truth Alone Triumphs.

Remember, when you need help, close your eyes and picture a Celestial Being giving you the hope, resolve and intuition you need to go on.

Our's is a wonderful world, let go of the nightmares and become the force.

We have after all to remember the strength of our numbers, the numbers of our Bright Ones and the Effulgence of Our Mother.

Very Very Lovingly,
Imran Ali Namazi
Coimbatore, 16th Feb 2020