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, 16 Feb 2020
, Live the Inner Light

1 Cry Liberty

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Cry Liberty and Integrationism

Dear Brothers and Sisters of India, in the name of the collective wisdom of the universe, I beseech you not to identify as originators of it. It's divisive and not in keeping with its true spirit.

Ideology was intended to expand consciousness and liberate, not breed infighting. Our greatest strength has always been our gifting of Jnana freely for the common good. Such was the character of Jagdish Chandra Bose and Nikola Tesla.

The vast ocean of truth lies before us, to be tested and put to the soul's uses. The voyage is of self discovery and joy in each other's uniqueness.

The "Anthem of Humanity" that was Khalil Gibran's Gospel showed no preference to race or colour. He and other Exceptional Beings like him came to show us that another world is possible, that we can build a World Without Hate.

There is no religion that has not contributed to the beauty of the whole. Let's not malign or disfigure that beauty. Let us venerate, hallow and cherish it. Live by its principles, inspired by those who understood it's true spirit.

Let a spirit of oneness consume us, purge our ill feeling and take hold, making us ONE WORLD.

We can, and soon. The choice is ours. Face yourself in the mirror and sincerely apologize for being swayed by the dark forces out of ignorance or hatred.

Then look at your neighbour and let love pour from your heart. Look at your wife and put to rest the fear brimming there that your children will not survive a World War. Look at your children and tell them you will strive earnestly to make their world a better place.

And lastly, look at your leaders and tell them you sense the wind of change in the air. That you will toil beside them to eliminate hunger, poverty, cruelty and all disadvantages or disparity.

I do not mean to address only my fellow Indians, I have always identified as a world citizen but I find it especially painful that a country so peace loving and cosmopolitan should be on the brink of Civil War. Stop protesting. Start acting, and living the truth, for only then you shall become the flame that burns away all untruths.

Remember, it's only love that can conquer. Go love someone, show them you care.

Imran Ali Namazi
16th Feb 2020

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, 16 Feb 2020
, Live the Inner Light

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