Towards a one world


Me, 25 Dec 2019
Spirituality, No Collection

23 Jump with Faith →

Religion is the one area where we clash rather aggressively and furiously with our fellow beings. We are taught to believe that only our faith is right and that all others are wrong or flawed. We are all but swimmers in this vast ocean of spirituality, learning to dive, standing on the diving board, yet reluctant to take the plunge lest our faith and beliefs be ridiculed and condemned. The author implores us to take the plunge and face the future - one which stands for Liberty Brotherhood and Harmony - so let's help create an orchestra out of this battlefield is his plea to mankind.

Me, 15 Sep 2019
Metaphysics, No Collection

Me, 14 Sep 2019
Metaphysics, No Collection

21 God Again →

Who is God? He is the all loving all-pervading spirit who watches over us and is there in our sad and happy moments. At times we feel abandoned by Him when we really do not understand and accept life with all its ups and downs. In this transient world let's accept and embrace change, let's evolve bearing in mind that his Divine Spark is within each of us in body, mind and spirit.

Me, 13 Sep 2019
One World, No Collection

Me, 27th Aug 2019
Unification, No Collection

Me, 13th June 2019
Ethos, No Collection

Me, 1st Jun 2019
One World, No Collection

Spirt, No Collection

Me, 16 July 2018
One World, No Collection

Me, 1 May 2018
One World, No Collection

Me, 1 Mar 2018
Spirituality, No Collection

13 Our Values →

Truth Alone Triumphs

Me, Sep 2017
Religion, No Collection

Me, c. Sep 1 2017
Mankind, No Collection

Me, 4th Aug 2017
Metaphysics, No Collection

Me, 5th June 2017
One World, No Collection

9 A New Age →

Random jottings on a New Age and the thoughts it inspires

Me, 29 Dec 2015
Peace, No Collection

Me, Nov 2015
Peace, No Collection

7 Harmony →

The author appeals to God to give man the understanding that all paths lead to him. Let man embrace his brethren, accepting his limitations as he has his, and walk together towards a world filled with love and peace with the understanding that all paths lead to the one same God.

Me, 14 Aug 2015
Unification, No Collection

6 Charter →

Fictionalized Furure (The YM Charter)

Me, 13 Aug 2013
Spirituality, No Collection

5 Reconciling Quality →

Thoughts on Quality in Religion - rtying to integrate the static (dogman) from the dynamic (individual)

Me, 10 Aug 2013
Unification, No Collection

4 Dear Brother →

Fictionalized Furure (The YM Mandate)

Me, 23 Jan 2013
Spirituality, No Collection

3 Reminders to Advance the Soul →

When I first started to expand my thoughts

Me, 22 Feb 2005
Society, No Collection

2 Tripping →

India in 2005

Me, 14 Feb 2005
Religion, No Collection

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