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Me, 25 Dec 2019
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23 Jump with Faith →

Religion is the one area where we clash rather aggressively and furiously with our fellow beings. We are taught to believe that only our faith is right and that all others are wrong or flawed. We are all but swimmers in this vast ocean of spirituality, learning to dive, standing on the diving board, yet reluctant to take the plunge lest our faith and beliefs be ridiculed and condemned. The author implores us to take the plunge and face the future - one which stands for Liberty Brotherhood and Harmony - so let's help create an orchestra out of this battlefield is his plea to mankind.

Me, 1 Mar 2018
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13 Our Values →

Truth Alone Triumphs

Me, 13 Aug 2013
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5 Reconciling Quality →

Thoughts on Quality in Religion - rtying to integrate the static (dogman) from the dynamic (individual)

Me, 23 Jan 2013
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3 Reminders to Advance the Soul →

When I first started to expand my thoughts

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