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Seagull, 8 Mar 2020
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24 Wall of Love

Here the author ruefully examines the causes for man's failure to be happy viz. bad examples, past hurts, our complexes, our fixation on wealth and power and of course stress. All these trivial pursuits rob us of a rich and contented life. There is still hope for mankind to recover from these maladies of division and dissimilarities and establish a "religion of love" where we can love and live as brothers and sisters.

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It's only when we fail to love ourselves, our families and society that all the problem begins. Or when we love a different God than our neighbour.

So what are the causes for this failure? Bad examples around, past hurts and complexes, the media harping on all the wrong things instead of reminding us of our similarities, fixation on wealth or power, stress, vain pursuits and sometimes, sadly, religion - at least a wrong understanding of our's or someone else's.

Let us examine each of these in detail.

Bad examples by people can only mislead us when our own moral or social compass is off. Have we not felt good seeing or reading about the real heroes of the Earth - the ones that exhibit selfless love? Perhaps we spend too little time thinking of what makes us tick, allowing ourselves to become shallow and selfish? Let's replace this cold heartless exterior with a more giving and nurturing demeanour.

Past hurts were actually opportunities given to us to rise above the petty who inflicted sadness on us and learn the art of forgiveness and make us wonder what poverty of soul caused them to behave in that particular way. People who are "walls of love" or people who, by having been shown it, can understand and appreciate love seek to never hurt another person.

Complexes - we are all caught in entanglements with other individuals from past lives. Some of these lives have left us disoriented as they have been full of bad actions by people and groups of people influenced by negative forces that held sway over the 2400 year period that was the dark ages. Not to worry - the Dark Ages or Kali Yuga is now ended 320 years ago and we're beginning to feel the love radiating all around in this new age of illumination. The complexes and chinks of character can easily be weeded out with a little effort and positive action.

The media, for various reasons focuses little on giving us wholesome, inspiring information and those of us who have our guard down easily fall prey to their ignoble clutches. Not all the media I know, but I hold a large part of them complicit in the atrocities in this world.

Fixation on wealth or power - this may come from picking the wrong heroes, in a society that still values these above geniality and cameraderie. Wealth or power are not inherently wrong, but there are many who wield it to everyone's detriment.

Stress kills. Thats a proven statistic! And in the rat race that many of us are in, it's financial stress that causes a domino effect. A system that doesn't encourage everyone to find and develop their own skills and put them to use in a purposeful, inspired career will always produce unhappy people in the end. Thats where a lot of money is made, on destress techniques and self help books. Where is the open source information library full of useful techniques to use to remain happy that this world needs? Instead we have wikis for games where a lot of killing happens!

Vain or trivial pursuits will always betray us as shallow or superficial. These are to be avoided and again comes from either following the wrong heroes or worshipping the wrong ideals

In all of this and the other factors that rob us of a rich, artfully textured life, we are seemingly caught, but there are people who've found a well of love inside who lead by example and take the time to heal us as individuals and in groups. I salute them all! And some of us are seemingly down and out, spent and beaten but recovery is just around the corner and we're to become "walls of love" in our own right.

Love liberates. Absolute love liberates absolutely!

Is not religion all deeds and all reflection?

Why then do we focus on some trivial dissimilarities? Instead of embracing our brothers and sisters and asking them what of their religion inspires them, gives them the courage to go on and the impetus to be good.

I'm rather tired of propaganda-spewing pulpits and fraudulent religious leaders hogging the airspace and cyberspace.

There is no religion or religious principle that hasn't earnestly tried to increase our love for ourselves and our fellow creatures. So let's regain a rightful relation to our Makers and Saints, let go of this divisiveness and establish one RELIGION OF LOVE

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God, 1 May 2020
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All religions have from time to time produced great men, prophets, saints, seers and mystics whom we have venerated and worshipped. All of them have come with messages for us and these messages all have commonalities and whatever path we choose to take, in the end all paths are not dissimilar and lead us to the same Truth.


Me, 25 Dec 2019
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Religion is the one area where we clash rather aggressively and furiously with our fellow beings. We are taught to believe that only our faith is right and that all others are wrong or flawed. We are all but swimmers in this vast ocean of spirituality, learning to dive, standing on the diving board, yet reluctant to take the plunge lest our faith and beliefs be ridiculed and condemned. The author implores us to take the plunge and face the future - one which stands for Liberty Brotherhood and Harmony - so let's help create an orchestra out of this battlefield is his plea to mankind.

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