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In this, my older prose, you will see the passion with which I write and the articles that formed the basis of Imagine and my Poetry


25 Implore

All religions have from time to time produced great men, prophets, saints, seers and mystics whom we have venerated and worshipped. All of them have come with messages for us and these messages all have commonalities and whatever path we choose to take, in the end all paths are not dissimilar and lead us to the same Truth.

Rhyme Scheme: Essay

I was reminded once again that Mohammed was the "last prophet".

I always took it as the "last prophet that needed to found a religion".

I believe the dark ages ended in 1700 and that Christianity and Islam are peculiar in that they were created to offer a "path to salvation" during the dark ages, which they did.

Hinduism isn't an "ism" in the typical sense but an ancient way of life that promoted a spiritual democracy. That's why it's not rigid, rather embraces all.

Prophet, seer, mystic, saint, enlightened one. All these are established in truth and this Earth constantly produces men and women of the finest moral caliber which we seem to venerate.

Wha? is important is to understand the commonalities of all the messages and scriptures and let each follower embrace the faith in his heart.

I believe in the end, we shall find that our paths were not all that dissimilar.


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Here the author ruefully examines the causes for man's failure to be happy viz. bad examples, past hurts, our complexes, our fixation on wealth and power and of course stress. All these trivial pursuits rob us of a rich and contented life. There is still hope for mankind to recover from these maladies of division and dissimilarities and establish a "religion of love" where we can love and live as brothers and sisters.


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REG - Written for a woman I wanted to marry and couldnt because too many notions got in the way.