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6 Harmonizing Quality

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In 2015, I wrote an essay about religion, specifically on reconciling quality which is both static and dynamic.

It's conclusion (and our point of departure) is:

A reconciliation is possible only if we first identify the two contending opposites - static and dynamic. When we realise the purposes they served, we begin to bridge the gap. Then we can bring them closer, by imbibing the static with more universal truths revealed by the mystic, and rebuilding the faith of the individual in the static as it evolves back into its older, purer ideal.

In this essay, I will try and establish the necessity of harmony between our contending thoughts and ideologies.

"Life is a waterfall, we're one in the river and one again after the fall" - SOAD

While we are falling, we're a little disoriented, scared and busy differentiating ourselves from the other water drops. That one is green (because it's reflecting a tree) and this one is white (for the sky above) and I am dark (for there's a rock just ahead of me).

Aren't we all the same water that should be delighting to dance with the air?

There are so many gradations to our thinking just as there are different designs for each leaf and snowflake, only we are self aware so we criticize and judge this or other [thought] pattern.

How can there be ought existing outside of God or in disharmony with the cosmic existence? Each of us is a perfect reflection of existence-consciousness-bliss, only we are not fully in tune with that knowing.

Would that I could be baptized in the holy waters that their bliss would remain as a gushing sound perennially in my head, as Sri Yukteswar Giri explains in his "The Holy Science".

It is only religious arrogance that informs me that my beliefs are superiour and thus, yours, inferior. I say, as Sage Vyasa did before me, that each of us has an individuated truth (of our being) and an individualistic nature. Swadharma and Svabhava.

This necessity for harmony is a necessity of life. Harmony ought to be perennial as the grass, and would be if we stopped analyzing and intellectualizing everything, interrupting the flow of perfection that surrounds us.

I think we have now evolved to the point where, as GB Shaw said about this old vedic wisdom of ours, that the crudest idolator and the most profound methodist are equally at home with it.

When you see the world as perfect, there is no more nitpicking or judging or arguing. Each of God's creation is accepted for what it is, and shown love.

Our Mother does not care what colour we paint our face or tongue we speak when we play our part in the Lila or cosmic play. She just wants us to be happy, and so we should be, in service to the Lord.

Jagat Kula Ki Prem or "All Love to the World Family"


5 Dreams →

Theres a powerful character Avedoi Merek that brought Peace and Love to Ferra (The Ferret Home World) by changing himself. Having already establised ourselves in love since 1958, perhaps now, its time we (humankind) thought of "Those Good old Dreams". I still dream, standing on the shoulders of giants.