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Me, 13th June 2019
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18 The Neverending Story

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Life goes around in circles, but Angels wish us well. So, while circumambulating the centres of our various sources of our inspiration, what have we really learnt?

How do we disconnect from this overpowering wave of information that's designed to disrupt, distort and disconnect?

What happened to meaningful conversation, inspired reading and involved action. Faith, Hope and Charity? To build a life of service to the spirit of our very gods! To purify and sanctify the temple within our bodies and minds that our souls may live in a new age of illumination.

Why do we shy away from words like Yoga and Dharma? Yoga simply means union with our divine origins, and Dharma is the relentless pursuit of wisdom, truth and justice.

If the true office of religion is to bring out all of mankind in harmonious activity then why does the reality more resemble a battlefield than a symphony?

When will we stop squandering our talents and gifts on petty activities, sowing unhappiness, exploitation, plunder and warmongery?

What happened to the pursuit of happiness, creating safe communities, healing the wounded and omitting the negative? When will we recover from the hangovers of the past?

How soon can we manifest the Kingdom of Heaven and convince the religiously ignorant that it's not blasphemous to conspire to do do?

Let's rewrite new chapters of the neverending story as we go back to our childhoods and recreate a joyous atmosphere for all.

Let's put aside our differences and truly live as one family, whose cultural roots are deep and whose branches cover every square inch of this biosphere.

Let's help our brothers and sisters heal from all that life has thrown at them, giving them a place to regroup and rejuvenate.

Let's remember the Flame Imperishable, that divine spark or Jivatma in us all and build a life where every action is somehow a service to the grand originator of the universe.

Let's find more meaningful uses for technology and reduce our deleterious impact on nature.

Let's unleash our creative forces and sensibilities, harmonizing the skillful art and artful skill latent in us all.

Let's begin the next cosmological renaissance that will make ours a civilisation par excellence. A model of harmony with nature.

Let us serve as an army moving from place to place offering solace to those who endure continuous pain and suffering.

Let us be proud to call ourselves human, forgive each other our mistakes and really blossom into a wonderful world where we truly are the crowning glory of evolution.

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