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Essays and Reflections

In this, my older prose, you will see the passion with which I write and the articles that formed the basis of Imagine and my Poetry

34 Taminders Legacy

A barrage of questions based on characters of the book of Richard Bach ie: Curious Lives

Rhyme Scheme: Essay

An email I wrote to Richard Bach on Jul 20th 2019. It's full of references to his characters in his book Curious Lives. I will in time work this into an essay on what Taminder Ferret meant to Budgeron, then Richard, then ME!

Foreword on Google Groups

Is it time to pass Taminder's legacy on to a human of ferret origins?

Are we relearning the courtesies?

Have Monty's students mastered the way from within?

Have Stormy and Strobe built their legacy upto Critical Mass?

Are the simple gestures of one Avedoi Merek understood by those of previous petty and destructive mindset?

Have the discoveries of USS Discover been put to use in saving this Earth or Eä?

Are Chloe and Bethany still the best of friends?

Has Boa passed on his learning to new generations of Engineers?

Has the Count finally learnt his mathematics?

Aren't there indeed Angels among us?

Dearest Richard,

Your books have always spoken to my inmost heart...

I may still be an amateur writer but I promise I wont EVER quit?

Happy Landings!

PS I am curious to know how Taminder got his name.


33 Bless Us Father →

A short prayer as we "undertake to manifest our very Heaven on Earth".


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Messages on Independance day and 2020 Eid