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My first "sit-down-and-write" essay with my mother, Uma. Its about her beloved son, me <3

Rhyme Scheme: Blank Verse

My son is soo sweet, until the devil takes over him and I wonder what can calm him,
When he gets angry. He says it's just the frustration of another fallen juggle,
That I wouldn't know what a juggle is coz I'm so busy with my own problems.
He fails to understand how it hurts me when he shoos me away at other times.

I know he doesn't realize it, but I wish he would. He says sorry mamma, "I'm always
Caught up in some thought or activity and usually irate or on the brink of collapse".
He's so kind, caring and giving, I'm yet to see another soul like him in intent.
But I wish he would understand me better so we could be the best of friends.

He says "Silly mamma! we are - that's how it's always been, I haven't gone anywhere,
It's just taken time to learn about myself and my relation to the world around us."
My love for him has no bounds, and I am so thankful to God for this wonderful son.
He says that his is but a fragment of the wonder that is me and my husband.

That he misses his father terribly and wishes to turn a new leaf, be that delight again.
I can never forget the smiles and the innocence on his face all through his growing years.
He says, "yes, I have a conman's smile, same as my dad had" - that I should know better by now
Than to fall for it. His simplicity, genuineness and sincerity have indeed touched my heart.

I hope we have more fun writing together like this. Perhaps everyday for a spell.
That in quiet reflection, we find strength to face our battles with aplomb and grace.
I'm learning to weave words together as I let my thoughts float out on the well.
A well of feeling I reflect on my past of ups and downs, as I gear up to run another race.

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