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In this, my older prose, you will see the passion with which I write and the articles that formed the basis of Imagine and my Poetry

18 Linger Near

Thoughts on death - for the Jim Reeves song

Rhyme Scheme: Essay

Linger Near (13 Nov 2016)
When my way groweth drear, precious Lord linger near, when my life is almost gone. - Jim Reeves

It is memory that bids me tarry (Gibran), attachment and fear of the unknown.

But if we believe in love surviving death into eternity (Savage Garden), then what is there to fear?

Death is necessary before there can be rebirth. We meet other loves & friends from other lifetimes, then we meet again. It is therefore of paramount importance to express Love [and Beauty] for life, as a friend puts it, is a beautiful struggle.

So what happens to grandparents and mentors once they have taken birth again? Do we see the possibility of their existence in the kid down the road or the noisily mewling infant in the hospital room next door?

The truth - we are all linked across the universe. And for those who think there is an all souls day (muslims), so they think and so shall it be!

The rituals are there to enhance our belief and to focus our mind.

[Some notion of meeting parents again as Ellie (Jodie Foster) does in Contact]. Celestial beings and loved ones from other lifetimes project themselves in our imagination in forms already familiar to us.

We just have to trust the system that keeps us all together. And keep believing as the Beatles said - that ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.


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