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Partners, 5 Sep 2011
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Written for John's wedding in 2011, this remains my standard wish for any couple and forms a part of other writings like Valima and Fray

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Written by Shasa, September 5, 2011

youtube: CgkTx1sp0rE&index=2&list=PLsuI89eMBnMEURG757yRUSVSxd5S96nIx|Gratitude for Partners

Lord, what a wonder this life, what joy to live those experiences long wrought by Thee for us.

To be first children, viewing the world as wondrous, exploring it and finding those hidden treasures You left along the way.

Learning to take the bad with the good, learning that You have given us guardian angels to see us through. Giving us the power to dream as we grow up, and the ability to make those dreams come true. To give us a life and smile when we complain at the little things, knowing that one day, we will realise Your largeness of heart and the richness of life.

Then You bless us with friends as an extension of our families and we reach a new height. Just as we grow happy and grateful, You send a partner to us. A person with whom to build a home. To share life and watch it unfurl. To test our resolve and courage and forge the best in us. To help us when we falter, to give us purpose and to focus our character. To share future joys and sorrows.

And children You send, to make us learn responsibility. And to understand the bliss our parents knew when they raised us. Helpless to watch as they lead life in their own unique ways, laughing as they remind us of ourselves. Carrying our hopes forward a generation.

You accomodate every kind of person in this act of being, enriching our lives with Your grace. Watching as we discover the bounties You left for us, carrying Your spirit through our trials and reaping their rewards. Content as our relations deepen, our partner's personalities complementing our's, With our children on their way, and us at last with time to turn to Thee, to praise Thy name for life was thy gift to us.

With hearts lifted, we at last understand and bow to Thee, our Creator.


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REG, 18 Jan 2005
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Written for a woman I wanted to marry and couldnt because too many notions got in the way.


Leaders, 5 June 2011
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Why do we have to be so brittle with our religions and ideologies? Lets be more tolerant and loving esp towards ourselves.

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