Essays and Reflections

In this, my older prose, you will see the passion with which I write and the articles that formed the basis of Imagine and my Poetry

16 Fantastic Four

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Rhyme Scheme: Essay

Serve with love he *1 had cried for a decade
Simply love the boy *2 had said a year before
Unite they had to change the cadence of things
For upon this pale blue dot had the time come

The time for acts of generosity to come flooding in
From its four corners, humans their divinity realized
As together we made our stand and gave not an inch
To injustice or warmongery for freed we were at last

Of the old jaded way of viewing and doing things
A new sense of oneness bounded us tightly
We looked at the rest of our species with warmth
As we waited for each to throw off the nightmare

A teacher *3 held us four together he was our compass
A boy from across the Atlantic *4 had won our hearts
There we were 4 simple souls driven by conscience
As we planned new ways to spread joy everywhere

We smiled and exchanged comforting words
Took up the challenge to make and unite heroes
We'd win the day soon and make life tenable
For every last creature as shared this planet with us