I Tend My Prayers

I have much to atone for my lord and much to pray for. I first atone for keeping myself distant from your guiding light, for letting my small and petty self drown in the waters of life. For not trusting to the spirit you kindled in me and for shirking from the respite of labour in a task well done.

I have not been good to my family, have troubled my parents, seemed distant and uncaring to some and neglected some others.

I hope to begin again my labours and not quail at the task. I prayer for the best health of everyone and a speedy recovery from the slings and arrows of life’s trials. I ask for all for serenity and composure and the grace to blossom in spite of any current or future hardship.

I ask for the strength to support ourselves and each other as we each walk our destined paths together, yet alone. I ask for a smile to face the needs of the hour and the will to go on climbing no matter how steep the cliffs.

I ask for firm faith in thy providence and a kindly grip as we hold each other. I ask for reassuring tokens of your love and bounty. I ask for realization of thy wisdoms and swift learning from the crucible of life.

I ask all this in the Lords name


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