Dear Reuben,

I pray for your fields to have good rain, for then you shall have watered crops and your village shall eat blessed manna, offered to the Gods themselves. Food for thought

I pray the same for your neighbouring villages too, with their own Children of the Kingdom. May your tribe grow rich in the coin of spirit. As must all 161 of our tribes.

We are after all inextricably linked like the momondo DNA project revealed. Linked in vibration and energy flow. Some call that God. May he bless our venture to trek amidst the stars, making contact with our ancestors daily as we struggle to conquer all lower tendencies and hallow and heighten our instincts.

May our seeming enemies and persons at variance with “our” philosophy pierce to the kernel of their sheath of bliss and fine therein the perennial philosophy growing green and luxurious, where the Sun in in tune with the Moon.

May our struggles be for greater good and our daily prayers be for holding our faculties true to our life’s mission, to uplift and ennoble persons in whom we believe lie the tenderest mercies.

May our thoughts constantly abide in our ancestors arms where we turn for refuge and solace. We also remember them in joy – every time we try & every time we win!