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In this, my older prose, you will see the passion with which I write and the articles that formed the basis of Imagine and my Poetry

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REG, 18 Jan 2005
Relationships, No Collection

1 Love Letter →

Written for a woman I wanted to marry and couldnt because too many notions got in the way.

Partners, 5 Sep 2011
Relationships, No Collection

2 Gratitude →

Written for John's wedding in 2011, this remains my standard wish for any couple and forms a part of other writings like Valima and Fray

Leaders, 5 June 2011
Healing, No Collection

3 Brittle →

Why do we have to be so brittle with our religions and ideologies? Lets be more tolerant and loving esp towards ourselves.

Self, 18 Mar 2013
Healing, No Collection

4 Love Thy Self →

Imploring the reader to love him/herself as I beg myself the same

MSA, 22 Jul 2013
One World, No Collection

5 Musings →

Musings Interrupted (thoughts on the way to Pondicherry in 2013 - spiritual pilgrimage)

Self, 6 Sep 2013
Healing, No Collection

6 Love Again →

On the rebound from love and questioning everything.

Mir Momin Ali, 19 Oct 2013
Religion, No Collection

7 Islam →

Short essay on Islam (not Atheism) as inspired by my own teacher.

Self, 6 Nov 2013
Spirit, No Collection

8 Writer Tick →

"What makes a writer tick" - All my sources of Inspiration over the years

Human Race, 17 Nov 2013
Inspire, No Collection

9 Church →

Notes for HCLC in Bellevue and read over 2 Sundays - this includes Cliff Rihcard's Sing a Song and Kansas' Wall

Richard Bach, Nov 2013
Profound Curations, No Collection

10 Copyfight →

Written in America, a CURATOR imploring Authors to make their more profound works free

Partners, 31 Jul 2015
Occasions, No Collection

11 Valima →

At a cousins wedding - a reading out of Gratitude mixed with a few other thoughts and quotes.

Human Race, 8 Aug 2015
One World, No Collection

12 Let There Be Love →

Random trip on love and caring for our fellow human.

Self, 22 Aug 2015
Relationships, No Collection

13 Sleep Eros →

Fictionalized Romance where it takes a couple a whole year of bonding before igniting the sexual spark.

Teachers, 21 Nov 2015
One World, No Collection

14 Quality →

A plea not to judge other on religious grounds, but to let a true spirit of harmony reign

Mahakala, 22 Nov 2015
Prayer, No Collection

15 Divine →

128 atributes of the Divine - Mahakala and Mahashakti (Lords of Time)

Mother Earth, Nov 2015
One World, No Collection

16 Unspoken →

Planned selection of prayers and my own "Harmony" prayer - unspoken at Hussain Day, Bangalore

Partners, Dec 2015
Relationships, No Collection

17 Partners →

Few thoughts on romance and partners, ends with a note to my cousin on her wedding day.

Mother Earth, 13 Nov 2016
Death, No Collection

18 Linger Near →

Thoughts on death - for the Jim Reeves song

Self, 5 Jun 2017
Friendship, No Collection

19 Letters Jun2017 →

3 separate essays for 3 people (at the hospital)

Self, 5 Jun 2017
Healing, No Collection

20 Grace →

Another random trip on a day at the hospital

Self, Jun 2017
Healing, No Collection

21 Affirmation →

Imran's personal affirmation in 2017

Human Race, 22 Aug 2017
Healing, No Collection

22 Expectation →

The 3 types of expectation (essay written at Veena's request)

Simon, 1 Sep 2017
One World, No Collection

23 Good Enough →

A plea to everyone strive to be deemed good enough

Teachers, 5 Oct 2017
Education, No Collection

24 Inspired Teaching →

Written for Edlusion, my former employer, this underscores the need for inpired teaching - seeing it as a calling rather than yet another profession.

Lover, 4 Nov 2017
Romance, No Collection

25 Particle Physics →

Kinda cryptic love note, this one inspired by "Will and Lyra" in Philip Pullman's Dark Materials

Teachers, 12 Nov 2017
Education, No Collection

26 Intangibles →

Written for Edlusion, my former employer, this talks of the Intangibles in Teaching Frameworks.

Human Race, 26 Mar 2018, No Collection

27 Join Us →

The YM Join Us Video of 2018

Mother Earth, 1 May 2018
One World, No Collection

28 Feeling For Others →

Short appeal to people not to be indifferent to each other's pain.

Children, 19 Jun 2018
Spirit, No Collection

29 Keep Smiling →

Long message to students about "never losing that fire" and making life spectacular.

God, 10 Aug 2018
Spirit, No Collection

30 Devalaya →

Some random trip on "Devalaya" - the Abode of the Gods

India, 15 Aug 2018
Occasions, No Collection

31 ID 2018 →

Imran's message / video of Independance Day 2018

Partners, Aug 2018
Relationships, No Collection

32 The Fray →

A mix of various essays and prayers for partners.

God, 28 Dec 2018
Prayer, No Collection

33 Bless Us Father →

A short prayer as we "undertake to manifest our very Heaven on Earth".

Richard Bach, 20 Jul 2019
Spirit, No Collection

34 Taminders Legacy →

A barrage of questions based on characters of the book of Richard Bach ie: Curious Lives

India, 15 Aug 2020
Occasions, No Collection

35 Messages 2020 →

Messages on Independance day and 2020 Eid

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