Niyat or Intention

We all have the best intentions Lord so listen to us
We pray for our health, and mean more that just
A sound mind in a sound body, we mean for care
For the most fragile part of ourselves – our dreams

Teach us to nurture our dreams and give them wings
As we learn to live elated at the very many things
And ways in which you bestow your grace upon us
Teach us to be happy in life and never make a fuss

We ask for contentment even when we’re confounded
At the upheavals of emotions that leave us spent
We feel despair to look at a world all confusing
With so many people being hurtful to each other

Give me strength Lord to always do your bidding
While allowing mine heart to shout and sing
In praise to Thee who gives us our inmost desires
Help me face the world, content at your Plan unfolding

Lord, I beg you not to let me suffer loved ones unhappy
Keep my intentions to my fellow beings pristine
Calmness amidst the raging storms of life
As we all bow and welcome your Kingdom here on Earth



Dear Reuben,

I pray for your fields to have good rain, for then you shall have watered crops and your village shall eat blessed manna, offered to the Gods themselves. Food for thought

I pray the same for your neighbouring villages too, with their own Children of the Kingdom. May your tribe grow rich in the coin of spirit. As must all 161 of our tribes.

We are after all inextricably linked like the momondo DNA project revealed. Linked in vibration and energy flow. Some call that God. May he bless our venture to trek amidst the stars, making contact with our ancestors daily as we struggle to conquer all lower tendencies and hallow and heighten our instincts.

May our seeming enemies and persons at variance with “our” philosophy pierce to the kernel of their sheath of bliss and fine therein the perennial philosophy growing green and luxurious, where the Sun in in tune with the Moon.

May our struggles be for greater good and our daily prayers be for holding our faculties true to our life’s mission, to uplift and ennoble persons in whom we believe lie the tenderest mercies.

May our thoughts constantly abide in our ancestors arms where we turn for refuge and solace. We also remember them in joy – every time we try & every time we win!


I Tend My Prayers

I have much to atone for my lord and much to pray for. I first atone for keeping myself distant from your guiding light, for letting my small and petty self drown in the waters of life. For not trusting to the spirit you kindled in me and for shirking from the respite of labour in a task well done.

I have not been good to my family, have troubled my parents, seemed distant and uncaring to some and neglected some others.

I hope to begin again my labours and not quail at the task. I prayer for the best health of everyone and a speedy recovery from the slings and arrows of life’s trials. I ask for all for serenity and composure and the grace to blossom in spite of any current or future hardship.

I ask for the strength to support ourselves and each other as we each walk our destined paths together, yet alone. I ask for a smile to face the needs of the hour and the will to go on climbing no matter how steep the cliffs.

I ask for firm faith in thy providence and a kindly grip as we hold each other. I ask for reassuring tokens of your love and bounty. I ask for realization of thy wisdoms and swift learning from the crucible of life.

I ask all this in the Lords name




Join me in a prayer.

Lord pray we learn more and more with each passing day, to take the bad with the good, knowing that you have given us guardian angels to see us through.

Pray for healing of all sorts – to each according to his need. Healing selves, factions, relations with spouses, parents, siblings, cousins and children. To build nurturing relations with bosses, colleagues, teachers, friends, strangers, and even seeming enemies.

Pray for the sense to share enough of our time with people, animals and plants each day, to put a smile on their faces. To invite the minerals within and without and in the innumerable skies to resonate more and more deeply with the love that is the originator of the universe.



The Sage and the Butterfly

There was once a sage who had lived at the bottom of a crystal river. He got so tired of clinging to its weedy bottom that he let go, trusting the current to cause him to fly. And in his flight, he came upon the dead body of a water-butterfly. He had long since been able to control his prana and did therefore bring it back to life like a master performing psychic surgery.

That butterfly had known only pain all its days so the master uttered softly to it with an irrefutable whisper “heal” and the pain all went away. A salve for the heart and the 2 of them lived in a garden the rest of their days waiting for the Gardener to come harvest them as he did the ripened cucumber. In that garden they planted themselves amidst the thistle and paddy, ever sprouting as a new crop became them and they it. They lived together in trees and birds and animal, never forgetting the creatures that clung to the bottom, nor the bountiful sun above nor the stream that eddied in their little dam.



Father’s love for son, spoken shall it be. 35 years he laboured worried how to secure his son’s place in the hereafter. Worrying so much he had forgot to live in the now. Love in the now, act in the now.

Throw your fears and prayers aside the Son screamed at him but he may as well have said nothing at all for daddy was too set in his ways to change a darned iota of his makeup. So instead as the universe had taught him, he made to convert every worry into a prayer.

Heavenly Father into your hands we commend our spirit. Into your keeping we give our spirit of fire. Into your fold we bring our weary limbs and torso. Into your magnificence we melt our niggles and cares. In exhorting your praise we deepen our fount of gratitude.

Pray we have time enough to spend on the shores of Ea. That we never stop communicating wherever life takes us or even if it tears us apart. Sweet does the water taste when your lips carry it to mine. Senses reel as I think back to your life and see how in so many places thou didst carry my frail limbs and spirit upon your back. Understand that there is no quit in you when it comes to standing by your family and doing the right thing.

I bid you tarry with us a while longer that I may set your heart and mind at ease. At ease with the message of love I bring, mirroring the love you and my mother bore me these swift 35 years. Now it is I carrying your frail limbs and tender spirit upon my back, a labour I dare not shirk from. A charge this heart fearlessly takes upon itself.

Thank you for housing my spirit these few moments when I was your prayers answered and you my unknown prayers fulfilled from the very start.

In the end, Yama comes for us all and it’s the Lord’s gift of mortality that makes us long to shuffle off this coil in our night. So shuffle it at will my dear father and be not afraid to look on life’s threshing floor that the seeds you sow bear fruit in the soil below and that I too shall blossom in my time and wane at end of my own life when it’s time for another cycle of the seasons to wear on.

The board is made ready.
And the fare, frugal and spare,
Is given with love.
Come, and dig your beak here, into the left side,
And tear out of its cage this smaller bird,
Whose wings can beat no more:
I would have it soar with you into the sky.
Come now, my friend, I am your host tonight,
And you my welcome guest.

Khalil Gibran – The dying man and the vulture

Unchained Melody

Oh my moth, my river, how I hunger for your touch, how a flame burns with the desire to have the moth become engulfed in it, how the sea waits with open arms to have a tributary enter its salty sweetness and lose its identity. Oh my sweet sister mist that carried me as dew drops in a garden, causing my impurities to eddy around on a swab of rain, finding ecstasy as the air sucked only the pure water in me as ambrosia to an Aghori.

Mayhap the dawn shall come and leave me as mist on some distant shore, or perhaps even on the gold leaf that adorns the temple to the Unseen God latent in us all. Whenceforth shall spring this God who gives daily battle for the best in every last one of us, that truth alone shall triumph and the music set aright and Grace bestowed upon us all.

All this we ask in the name of the Istari, friends of our myriad races that people this planet – the ones who held their true course – Radagast and Gandalf



Lord, grant me the constant sense to know goodness from folly, to always act in a way that would make my forefathers and family proud. Give me the assurance that not a moment spent in service to them and my larger world family will never be in vain. Help each one of us understand better our divine purposes and our illimitable origins. Make us physically fit, mentally alert and spiritually secure to win for ourselves a small fraction of your glory.

All this we ask in the name of Buddha, Mahomed, Jesus and Krishna.

Hari Om Tat Sat



Today I am a flower as yet unborn. Whose fragrance is still imperceptible because its buried deep in the humus below a road. I grow on a tree whose roots are yet to find purchase in the soil and whose shoots still need to find their way through a crack into the light.

Many times before has nature orchestrated my rebirth. Each time joy abounds as I break from the darkness into the light