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Hi, I'm Imran, Curator at Curator means I share the most inspiring books, emotionally involving movies and moving songs. I've been reading, watching and listening all my life and that has indeed made all the difference.

I have many favourites (for differing reasons), but today I want to talk about a not-so-well-known book called "Curious Lives" by Richard Bach, published in 2005 and dubbed "Adventure Fables from an Enchanting World".

I strongly believe that this book contains the seed for building a better world. Richard Bach has not only managed to rescue a civilization from the brink of annihilation by war, he has shown in vivid and telling detail how a new way can be lived, breathed, built.

I treasure it above all other books and rate it the game changer for our own Pale Blue Dot, Earth when it goes viral and its spirit is fully understood across the globe. You know it's going to be dazzling and inspiring when you read the following in the preface:

"I stand today, bored to stone with dramas about evil, films about war and malice and crime. I promised that if I had to watch one more prison scene, one more aggression, one more gigantic spectacular stupendous explosion on-screen, fiction or non, I'd walk out and rebuild the universe."

Let's rebuild the universe, we have after all the power to do so in the choices we make, the interactions we treasure.

Richard Bach goes on to say " - Boom! - What if something happened, I got to wondering as U walked away and a culture grew up without evil, without crime or war? What would it do with all the energies we squander on our destructions?

How would it feel to live in a world where we choose our highest right and not our darkest wrong, where we lift each other instead of always and ever putting each other down?

How could such a civilization begin, and where would it go?

So were born The Ferret Chronicles, the story of a doomed civilization that returned to life upon the single act of one individual.

The individual who revived doomed Ferra (the planet of Ferrets) that was on the brink of annihilation from World War was none other than Avedoi Merek who was a philosopher who had been sidelined when the war broke out. He later wrote "the courtesies"

1. Whatever harm I would do to another, I shall do first to myself.
2. As I respect and am kind to myself, so shall I respect and be kind to peers, to elders, to children.
3. I claim for others the freedom to live as they wish, to think and believe as they will. I claim that freedom for myself.
4. I shall make each choice and live each day to my highest sense of right.

Ferrets then lived a 100 centuries on Earth alongside humans. Taught us all they knew, only we forgot / made dogma out of it. The YM Charter which I wrote in 2015 made reference to it. Come explore this book full of emotions then feel inspired to help our world shake off the hangovers from the dark ages and fully enter a new period of illumination.

There are 5 novellas in this book which are about

1. One detective Shamrock that reminds the philosopher Avedoi Merek who brought the Ferret civilization back from the brink of annihilation what his heart always knew

2. One sea rescue captain Bethany whose passion and dedication is infectious

3. One philosopher Monty who teaches children (on a ranch) to develop into strong and capable persons with the right values

4. One writer Budgeron who fills children's lives with imagination, wonder and fascination for this world

5. 2 pilots Stormy and Strobe who join together to teach children across the world the joy and reward of flight after being brought together by a team of very resourceful angels

Budgeron's Story has this as prelude to it

IN the beginning, all the ferrets were gathered together, and one by one each was given its gift from the stars, through which might come each animal's happiness. Some were given strength and speed, others the talents for discovery, for invention and design. When all the gifts had been given, one ferret remained. He stood alone and felt the starlight upon him, but could see no change in the spirit he had always been. He pointed his nose upward, trusting, and asked how he might find his way, for he loved the light and knew that the path to his destiny had been opened even though it could not be seen with the eye. "Your gift waits at the center of your heart," whispered the stars. "For to you has been given the power to show visions of all the other animals, of different pasts and presents, of could-be's and why-not's. To you has been given the magic to write the stories which will arch across time to touch the souls of kits unborn." Listening, the last ferret was filled with joy, for it was so. As he turned within and found animals and adventures to make him laugh and cry and learn, and as he wrote his tales to share with others, he was welcomed and honored in their company wherever he went, for as long as he lived, and for centuries after Giving our visions and stories and characters to become friends to others lifts not only ourselves but the world and all its futures. - Antonius Ferret, Fables

I leave you now to go read your favourite stories to your children. Fill them with wonder and make them want to express themselves. Give them the confidence to write on their own and to post their thoughts on social media, to make videos and promote causes and projects.