The Sage and the Butterfly

There was once a sage who had lived at the bottom of a crystal river. He got so tired of clinging to its weedy bottom that he let go, trusting the current to cause him to fly. And in his flight, he came upon the dead body of a water-butterfly. He had long since been able to control his prana and did therefore bring it back to life like a master performing psychic surgery.

That butterfly had known only pain all its days so the master uttered softly to it with an irrefutable whisper “heal” and the pain all went away. A salve for the heart and the 2 of them lived in a garden the rest of their days waiting for the Gardener to come harvest them as he did the ripened cucumber. In that garden they planted themselves amidst the thistle and paddy, ever sprouting as a new crop became them and they it. They lived together in trees and birds and animal, never forgetting the creatures that clung to the bottom, nor the bountiful sun above nor the stream that eddied in their little dam.

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